Dominance is your game

Before creating your social spot on various platforms, Our Concept Media social Team have to Discover who you are, what offer can you give and what difference could you possibly make. We elaborate deeply on your business processes and stand side by side with your staff to consolidate your business culture then we hold our pens and brushes to write and draw your own special stories.

Advantages of using Social Media Marketing


Advertising the activities, products and services of the organization.


Communicate with customers and consumers effectively and quickly.


Understanding of statistics which lead to indicating your unique point.


Cost-effective of promotion and advertising expenses compared to traditional methods.


Create a sharing channel for suggestions and complaints by followers, which gives a credibility to your entity.


The superior flexibility of SMM, since it is easy and fast to adjust, try and change.


Direct targeting to potential customers according to specific criteria
(Location - gender - age - gender - interests)


Enhancing the reputation and power of the brand.

How do we manage Social Media Marketing?

We implement a distinct business plan starting by understanding the type of activity and creating goals that are required to be achieved, through several stages, including:

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Search and gather information

A team of experts collects data and statistics related to the business, the nature of competition and the size of the target market, as well as measuring the strength of the current presence and the weaknesses.

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Building a marketing strategy

Starting by creating tasks to be put in place to achieve a distinct and noticeable presence on different social media platforms and applications, define time points to measure the success of each task, and adjust according to the results.

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Reexamination and follow-up

In this stage, we start to evaluate  the level of acheivements and enhance them by implementing new ways.

How do we manage Social Media Marketing?

The Process


Create content by writing distinctive, innovative text content in parallel with unique designs for your products or services.


Direct communication with the audience by always following their reactions, suggestions and complaints and put them all together to develop a strategy that works best.


Prepare advertising campaigns and promotional ideas for  social media that highlight different factors, creativity and value creation of the brand in general.

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